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Jan 7, 2013 5:00am PST
an outcome that will protect them in the long-term. to do that our office, and jean should be commended for this, requires that we contact every single victim personally and we do that the attorney. jean goes to the file, gets a round of calls, she assigns them to the attorney, they give around calls, and we try to maintain the level of communication with the victim and bring them in to the victim advocates who will be to the victim either at the hall of justice or other places, often in people's homes or in another safe place that they feel is appropriate. we really try to be accessible and available to the victims in a way that is most comfortable to them. however in the process, as we have particularly seen in the last less than six months the change in the public defenders assignment of the cases, our caseload makes it almost impossible to keep that level of touch with the victims and we are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of victims that are uninterested in proceeding when we arrive at the point of trial. -- for us, we know from having done this work with lowerca
Jan 14, 2013 3:00am PST
honor to have this program and conversation between susie and jean paul gaultier. i feel very fortunate at the fine arts museum because in fact susie mencus' son lives in the bay area and she comes frequently to visit the family. it is always my favorite time of in the exhibition, when she comes and i get to walk through the exhibition with her. it is so learnful. i wanted to share that opportunity with the rest of the bay area. one of my favorites, during the laurent exhibition, one of my favorite moments is one suzy stopped in her tracks. she said, this is it, this is what is true of any great artist or any great designer. when they do something, it can be shocking and avant-garde, but years later, we stand and look at it and believe it has always existed. i think that this is true of jean paul gaultier's work. i know that have been friends for a very long time. it is my honor to introduce both suzy menkes, fashion editor of the international herald tribune, and mr. jean paul gaultier. [applause] >> the love seat. [laughter] i just want to know, can you hear me? please shout loudly if
Jan 17, 2013 8:00pm EST
, moisturizing jeans. wrangler is coming out with jeans infused with natural oils and butters to protect your legs from, according to vogue uk, the dehydrating effects of denim. why not? skinny jeans, acid washed jeans, why not oily, buttery jeans? they come in three types, aloe vera, olive extract, and smooth legs. and yes, there is a promotional video. >> when you first put them on, it's cool like aloe vera. cooler than regular jeans. >> the denim spa jeans will be on sale online later this month. vogue uk said you'll also be able to buy a spray that will last up to 95 wears. listen, i gotta say, this doesn't really sound like my thing. i'm pretty particular about my jeans. >> i wear a t-shirt and -- gray or white, same pair of jeans, literally the same pair of jeans every day. >> also interesting. >> because they have these jeans you don't have to wash now, or so they say. you know what i mean? no, it's true. it's true. the person says to me, like, don't wash them for a long time. meaning like a week. no, no, no. they mean like six months. luckily for me, no one noticed that moment on my d
Jan 3, 2013 7:00am PST
result of that. >> commissioner shorter. >> it in clarify for those watching from home who jean is? not everyone knows. so you can be on tv too. >> good evening my name is jean roland,managing attorney for stalking, domestic violence and physical elderly abuse. >> i do have a question for you both. just to clarify, while you are working under staffed in terms of your ability to provide all services, as we would like to victims, just to clarify, it seems the weight in which victims become engaged with the advocacy organizations of those programs providing services including shelter and beyond, that first link really comes through the district attorney's office. unless the victims themselves call those agencies. but certainly you are all helping to assist if persons want that type of support. >> i think that i would have to attribute that to a joint effort by the scu unit as well as the district attorney's office. the first point of real contact that dv victims have are the inspectors and svu. once inspectors make the initial contact that is where the trust begins. onc
Jan 29, 2013 7:00am PST
these jeans could be your weapon in the war against cellulite. they are moisturizing. and we will put them to the test, courtesy of amy robach. >> oh, amy's wearing them now? >> yeah. >> it is so good to be back. >>> and a morning, oh heavyweight. we have sylvester stallone here live. and one of the greatest voices in all of music. andrea bocelli. that was a soundcheck for the ages. >> i could sit here all morning long listening to that. >>> let's get to the first in the breakup of the murder trial. the defense of jodi arias is expected to begin today. her lawyers will argue that she was trying to protect herself when she stabbed her ex-boyfriend to death. we're going to talk live to dan and nancy in a moment. but ryan owens has the latest on the story. >> reporter: fatal attraction? or self-defense? just hours from now, jodi arias' defense will begin. did she kill her boyfriend in a jealous rage? or did he die while jodi was fighting for her own life? >> jodi would live or she would die. >> reporter: the prosecution has laid out every gruesome detail of how mormon businessman travis alexa
Jan 18, 2013 9:00am EST
of congas battle. >> first, a lesson in laundry. how to keep lint off your jeans, really everywhere, your sheets. when can you expect your clothes to stop shedding. i'll get advice in today's ask allison from the heloise. couldn't let that opportunity pass. we'll be right back.      ♪ i know where we're going, baby ♪ hey, everyone else might think we're crazy ♪ but we're the reason, so bring on brady ♪ >> that's great. ravens fans with a call me maybe parody. it's cute. she sounds great, i think, too. the video is trending on youtube. >> love it, love it, love it. >> that's so cute. >> good. >>> we all wish the redskins were still in the playoffs, but ahead of this weekend's conference championships we are giving our predictions of who will go to the big game. >> the super bowl. >> i'm picking the 49ers and the pats. >> what's that? >> reason why? >> that's not a requirement. you can give your predictions. we don't have that amount of time to impart my wisdom. >> i am roading for the ray -- rooting for the ravens. but i'm predicting it will be the 49ers and patriots.
Jan 21, 2013 12:30pm PST
the domestic violence cases. >> commissioner loftus? >> i have to say jean roland trained me. what jean said always was even if you have a high caseload you put your victims name on the chart in front of your desk and you call them every week and you find out how they are and you find that what is going on in their lives. it is not like -- it is essential to hold batters accountable and keeping people safe. gene is not someone who makes excuses and demand that kind of performance. those three das are there to do the arraignment in the morning, 9-12 they are raining all the cases, doing bail hearings. they arrange a new case; it was my experience even better days when we had better staffing levels by the time you get back to your desk as a prosecutor you haven't even had a sandwich you pick up and call the victim she has heard from someone in the public defender's office telling her what may or may not be true about the system and we are committed in the way that we are to prosecute these cases i really command -- and president chu to talk about the staffing levels
FOX News
Jan 25, 2013 3:00am EST
youngsters to pull up their jeans or they will go to jail. take a look, fans of looking. >> so you think you look pretty good wearing your pants like that, don't you? underwear exposed, hip hop style. well there is something you may not know. you can be fined up to $300, be placed in a state prison for up to three years and county jail or two years. you still think it is cool? it is the law. pull up your pants. respect yourself. >> that will learn them. >> the fine print at the bottom of the ad represents the state law which lists a possible three-year prison sentence for, quote, gross lewdness and lascivious behavior. it is now called dana's law. now let's go to massachusettsment >> what did i tell you, america? first gay marriage and then this, dogs walking horses. >> even white dogs got horses. even white dogs got horses? >> he was half black. >> god. was that real footage? >> no it was cgied by the man. >> i want to go first to the expert on sag -- on sag gee pants. will? >> my favorite part is how they made up the law. i like the idea because it is like getting rid of fashion trends. cr
Jan 17, 2013 4:00am PST
of the spa jeans that promise a built-in moisturizer to give you silkier legs. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is limited data on how these drugs compare when warfarin is well managed. no routine blood monitoring means bob can spend his extra time however he likes. new zealand! xarelto® is just one pill a day, taken with the evening meal. and with no dietary restrictions, bob can eat the healthy foods he likes. do not stop taking xarelto® rivaroxaban without talking to the doct
Jan 22, 2013 2:00pm PST
, and jean, the count's servant. both are aware of sexual tensions in this potentially provocative situation. the rehearsals progress, blending the talents of playwright, director and actors to the final interpretation. [music] thank you. won't you have something yourself? i'm not much of a beer drinker. but, of course, if madam insists. insists? surely you know that a gentleman should never allow a lady to drink alone. yes, that's perfectly true. hmm. [music] now drink to my health. are you shy? to my mistress' health. bravo. now, kiss my shoe and the ceremony will be complete. excellent. you ought to have been an actor. i think you'd have to pick it up right up from the floor. if it's already there, he should pick it up. oh, yes, it's-- but the thing is that i actually got to get right down and take it. good. that will be better. yes. and that's right. with this hand. take it. yes. yes. it's me, probably, we'll try and worry about saying my french actually. what? it's me worrying about saying my french problem here. you don't have to worry about saying your french. it means the problems. y
Jan 4, 2013 2:00pm PST
in three weeks. i managed to get my jeans on. i've lost two inches in my waist and in other significant places. many like isabel and patsy come for other healthy reason. a year ago i was diagnosed with ostiopania in one hip. at the time my mother passed away she had terrible osteoporosis and i did not want that to happen to me. so i'm really coming for the bone density, toning, the feeling good. both women on a quest for health had an added bonus. i put on these pants this morning that i haven't worn since last summer and didn't realize that theyre baggy. my body is morphing a little bit, looking better. with this news i have to step up to the plate. alright lets rock and roll. ready to shake it. i'll tell you i feel things shaking that i didn't know could possibly shake. i knew my booty, but i feel my back, stomach and my arms. i can feel everything shaking. but the good thing is severyone else is shaking too. doesn't matter, not just me this time. this machine will equal 4000 muscle contractions. up to 10000 muscle contractions. you get 4-6000 mucsle contractions in an hour workout in
Jan 29, 2013 5:30pm EST
and more coming up at 6:00. we'll be right back. >>> ladies we all know this. buying jeans can be a nightmare, so many styles and cuts. there's an added feature one company is introducing. wrangler said it will moisturize and reduce cellulite. the company says the jeans are infused with ingredients like aloe and even calf feenlt experts say fighting cellulite is a big business. >> the problem with cellulite is 95% of women have it and the other 5% think they have this. unfortunately, there are no lasting treatments. >> wrangler spa jeans will also be available at online retailers. all right. good luck with that one. >>> well, you probably saw jennifer lawrence's dress at the sag awards. the fashion house said the dress is made of different levels of satin, which is what we saw when jennifer got up, so the dress did not rip and they said there was no wardrobe malfunction. they want to set that record straight. >> coming up it was good for popeye but one of the most common causes of poisoning spinach. abc2 news at 6:00 is coming up right now. >>> a guilty verdict in the john leop
Jan 12, 2013 3:00am PST
screen on the left side. that is jean manfield, her son was gay, she made that sign herself. it says parents of gays unite in support of our children. and she held that sign and marched with her son in this parade in 1972. she did not belong to any group. she was not there with anybody other than her kid. but she didn't like the way her gay son was treated in public and decided to make that sign, to appeal to others out there. she made that sign in greenwich village, when she did that, she later thought the screaming and cheering she heard from the crowd, as she went down the parade route. she thought the cheers were for the famous dr. benjamin spock, who marched behind her in the parade. but as the cheering people screamed and crowded around her she realized the cheering and screaming was for her. as we marched in the parade, she realized, so many people came up and cried for her and others in the route. she said she got calls after calls, calls from parents of other gay kids who just wanted themselves to talk with her. and in 1973, she put together the first meeting. she marched al
FOX News
Jan 18, 2013 12:00am PST
with moisturizing jeans? if you are worried about where bill schulz might take this story, you are not alone. >> now go out and turn some butter. >>> let's welcome our guest. i am here with dana-perino. he should sharp he is banned in condom factories. i thought it was rick. i will go with rick. rick is better. >> in austria he is considered strudel. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. she is so bright that old people walk toward her during surgery. sitting next to me, ann coulter. her latest book is called mugged, 101 different ways to brew teas. congratulations. and you can be sure his writing will never be exciting. our new york times correspondent, good to see you, pinch. >> it is the scientology tell all called "going clear" but after a threatening meeting with the church's lawyers they can safely say this so-called book is poppycock. it is as evil as therapists and the obvious work of an sp. all hail the emperor from the planet schmar. >> a-block. the lede. that's the first story. >> was manti living a man-lie? the football star at notre dame claim he was duped into being in a long-dista
Jan 4, 2013 1:00am PST
and selling >> three hot ways to wear the perfect pair of jeans. plus, stretches you can do anywhere. [theme music playing] [cheering] [applause] >> hello! [cheering] [applause] >> welcome! >> this is great. how are you. mwah! [cheering] [applause] >> how are you all doing today guys. >> thank you very much! [cheering] [applause] >> wonderful warm welcome. thank you! [cheering] [applause] >> thank you so much. thank you, thank you thank you >> it is back if a steven bearing a bright beautiful shirt or property brothers are here [cheering] [applause] [laughter] >> the property brothers of i have a feeling. they are here today and we are excited. you are all excited and talk about their brand new show and answering your buying and selling questions they won't answer are they single because a thousand of those questions. [laughter] we are not answering those those very fun none are you look forward to that? [cheering] [applause] >> good stuff. gorgeous dating expert andrea bain is a lot of fun. >> a lot of fun there i am in love with her there she is sharing mistake people make they date on-lin
Jan 4, 2013 3:10am PST
roast coffee, gloria jean's hazelnut coffee, celestial seasonings southern sweet iced tea, cafe escapes milk chocolate hot cocoa, timothy's colombian decaf, celestial seasonings sleepytime tea, green mountain coffee breakfast blend travel mug size, and barista prima italian roast. that's 50 gourmet single-serve vue packs of our most popular coffee, tea and hot cocoa. plus, get this water filter kit for brewing with the best-tasting water possible. >> if you love great coffee, i know you'll love the keurig vue brewer and everything it makes. it's never been easier to brew what you love the way you love it. >> announcer: call now and we'll include this stainless steel insulated travel mug and this iced beverage tumbler. you get the keurig vue brewer plus 50 vue packs of coffee, teas and hot cocoa to try, the water filter kit, the travel mug and iced beverage tumbler, a $310 value, all for just five easy payments of only $45.99. that's a savings of over $80. it's our lowest price ever, just in time for the holidays. call now and try everything absolutely risk-free for 30 days. your satisfa
Jan 2, 2013 11:00pm PST
a dozen locations. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us in east palo alto with more on the damage and why people are so eager for the repair work to begin. jean? >> reporter: raj, the creek poured over this levee in december. the sandbags proved to be useless. the city of east palo alto says it now needs emergency state funding to pay future a permanent fix to help protect people who have already flooded. >> we came out the front door, the water was just to our ankles. and then it started going faster and faster and faster. >> reporter: it's been a rough holiday season for paris simms and her family. on december 23rd, the creek poured over a levee in east palo alto. soaking her home with 9 inches of water and mud. >> let's just get out of here because my mom is terrified of water, and she is battling cancer. so -- we had to get her and my dad out because they're older. >> reporter: the simms are back home, but dumpsters in the driveway are full of soaked furniture and memories. the family is waiting to hear what insurance will cover. next door it's even worse. no one is allowed to live th
Jan 31, 2013 9:00am PST
, you guys. >>> behold the beauty on ice. >> in the form of this man in a jeans and t-shirt. >> so perfect, so amazing. >> check out his majestic moves on "righ >>> i'm about to show you the sweetest rescue on the arkansas river. you've got three tugboat workers trying to rescue a dog. this dog was stuck in the river. this is in oklahoma. it was stuck on some vegetation. according to the rescuers, they said if they didn't help this dog, he wouldn't have had any hope. he wouldn't have been able to make it to shore. >> tip over, you lean the other way. >> they went out and got him. the dog was like, let me help you by offering him his paw. >> it looked like he was floating in a giant's bird's nest. >> sea muck. >> the person filming happened to be the brother of the rescuers. they were very happy they could rescue the pooch. i don't know if he belonged to anybody. i don't believe he did. he was sent to mississippi where the tugboat was based out of. they are hoping to make sure the dog is okay. i hope he has a home. i would be very disappointed if he didn't. >>> today is a great day
Jan 14, 2013 3:30am PST
this. i do not have my gaultier touch at that time. so then it was like to make jean paul gaultier for ermez. no, sorry, to make ermez through the eyes of jean paul gaultier. i love that. then there was a death. it was seven years after our collaboration. i think it was good to go in, because my life was not with ermez. it was for my own company. so we changed. we pushed. spanish rudes, perfume routes. sounds very good to my ears. i am a quite truthful person >. >> is there always going to be a controversial side of jean paul gaultier? there was a time when you were inspired by rabbis. i believe you're in new york, there were a bunch of rabbis he saw walking by the public library, you turned it into a collection. you must have known this was dramatic and would be alarming to people. >> i should say that in some way, i think i have a kind of innocence. like that is not that big part of me. when it is beautiful, i believe in it. i saw it was beautiful. i wanted to show it. for me, it was so strong, the impression. it was beautiful. and with a lot of meaning for me. it was meaning for
Jan 31, 2013 2:00pm EST
. >> in the form of this man in a jeans and t-shirt. >> so perfect, so amazing. >> check out his majestic moves i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes. [ male announcer ] once you've got verizon fios internet, you get it -- the difference 100% fiber optics makes. but don't take our word for it -- ask a real fios customer. ask me why fiber optics matters. ask me about the upload speeds -- they're sick! [ male announcer ] so go online and send a tweet to a real fios customer. last chance to get fios for just $89.99 a month for 2 years with a 2-year agreement. plus get $300 back. visit for america's fastest, most reliable internet. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> i'm about to show you the sweetest rescue on the arkansas river. you've got three tugboat workers trying to rescue a dog. this dog was stuck in the river. this is in oklahoma. it was stuck on some vegetation. according to the rescuers, they said if they didn't help this dog, he wouldn't have had any hope. he wouldn't have been able to make it to shor
Jan 17, 2013 6:00pm EST
a group of men meet by chance and bond over a once-in-a-lifetime experience. they are called spa jeans. they are supposed to make you bootylicious. wrangler created denim spa moist rising jeans. they are to keep your legs soft and smooth. jeans come in three options. op price $140. 40. >>> a jury found former d.c. police officer richmond phillips guiltity on all counts of the murder of wynetta wright. >>> ahead of the inauguration the library of congress has president lincoln's bible on display. one of two he'll use as a swearing in ceremony for a second term. >>> president truman used the bibles for his swearing in 1949. his was the first inauguration televised. the men we met today didn't have to watch it on tv. they lived it. here's fox 5's beth parker. h p >> reporter: these three guys have stories to tell. they didn't just witness history they were part of it. >> we were there because we had to be there. e there. >> reporter: they joke a lot but this was serious business. in 1949 gray parks and scott shipe were west point cadets. they took a train to union station for president tr
FOX Business
Jan 19, 2013 12:00am EST
the jeggings. wrangler offering very first moisture rising jeans to prevent your legs from dehydrating, normal dehydrating effect of denim. who doesn't need these? they go for $113 billion u.s. dollars. they come in three finishes. aloe vera, smooth legs. that is disgusting. >> have jeans on. messa: are they moisture rising? >> no, they are not. when do you need jeans to moisture rise your legs? this is new to me. melissa: i don't know. i see a lot of problems with this. for example, if they're moisture ring and sit on the couch will they get whatever the nastiness all over the furniture? that is my concern. i'm very type-a. my house is immaculate. once you wash them are they gone? >> you can wear them for like 90 use. >> washing them in between? >> that is what you got to wonder. i smell a i am about i can in. exactly. that i could put jeans on and they will moisture rise my legs? >> what are they? 140 bucks?. melissa: 113. >> these cost me 39 bucks at the gap. melissa: were you paid to do that? >> no but hopefully i get a new pair when i go in next time. melissa: everyone has the flu which y
Jan 27, 2013 8:00pm EST
, the editor of the atlanta constitution when jack was here and jean wants told the story about jack being a reporter, celebrated reporter when machine got a call from the publisher of "the los angeles times" and he said i'm thinking of the "los angeles times" wants to set up shop in alana. you have a big story brewing in the south. the civil rights story and the emerging south. and i need a reporter to set up the bureau in the "los angeles times." do you have any good reporters, and jean says you know mr. chairman we have a great reporters he purposely left off the name of jack nelson. he wasn't about to give him up. and a weak leader otas hired jack nelson that's how jack got to the "los angeles times" with great work here in alana. he brought investigative reporting to the civil rights story, which was elevated to ban all new level and move to washington and the bureau. they didn't figure it in print until jack got there and didn't have anything like it would with 17 reporters. the "los angeles times" the house that jack built. i'm going to turn to the wonderful guest. we have barbara m
FOX News
Jan 17, 2013 2:00am PST
told you all you had to do is put on a tight pair of jeans. first on this day in history in 1949. >> lemonade? expecting company? >> the land lower. >> you think lemonade will help? as soon as you know something -- >> sitcom on american television. it was called the goldbergs. it aired for the first time back in 1949. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can
Jan 4, 2013 11:00pm PST
and this is where the story gets legally tricky and this could have a national impact. jean elle has the story. >> reporter: car-pooling signs here say two persons have to be in the car to use the lanes legally. under the law a corporation is a person. so jonathan freeman says his corporation should be considered a person in his car. jonathan freeman wants his day in court. in october he intentionally drove by himself in the car-pool lane and got a ticket. >> it took me ten years to get a ticket. >> reporter: he says he wasn't really alone. he had his corporation papers along are for the ride. >> i have corporation papers here. so a person yelled at me, you need two persons in the car. i said, i've got them. >> reporter: under the law a corporation is a person. the car-pool lane sign says two person must be in the car. freeman says he's just taking advantage of corporate power. >> i'm just taking the power and resting the power using it for my service for driving in the car-pool lane. are. >> reporter: this law professor sees the road freeman is going down but says the intent of the car-pool l
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
's crash. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us on treasure island this evening where the damaged ship is still in plain sight. do we have any idea here still who is at fault? >> reporter: well, raj, investigators are hoping to answer that question. in the meantime, we are learning there is a navigational aid system set up on the bay bridge. and according to coast guard documents, part of that system may have failed. an important navigational tool called raycon is now the focus of the investigation into the overseas raymar sideswipe of the bay bridge there are three transponders on the bridge. they help mariners travel safely between the concrete towers. >> the radar triggers a beam in the raycon, and the raycon sends that signal back out again. and it's displayed as a flash on the radar screen. >> reporter: former docking pilot and former maritime academy says when pilots are approaching the bay bridge, they aim for that signal. >> that's indicating the center of the span that he wants to pass under. >> reporter: but we have obtained documents indicating at least one raycon was not working whe
Jan 16, 2013 11:00pm PST
wearing a red cap and jeans. >>> police are warning the public about this man in this sketch who they say tried to kidnap a 3-year-old boy. it happened january 6th inside the great mall in malpedis. luckily the mother was paying attention and quickly caught up. that suspect is described as asian, maybe 55 years old, 5'6", 200 pounds with a pot belly. >>> it's all about the penthouse of the bay area's newest casino. when will the police allow it to be open? the decision is expected in the next 48 hours regarding the top floor of casino matrix. the chief of police said he would give a decision before he retires. the police chief has expressed concerns over the casino's ability to safely monitor activity on that top floor. the casino filed a claim against the city of san jose in september for the cost from the delayed permits. >> numbers always shock people. >> up next, restaurant reviews making headlines tonight. what a brand new rating system is revealing about bay area restaurants and why foodies might be a little surprised. >>> also, if you like facebook and have an iphone, we'll tell yo
Jan 22, 2013 11:35pm PST
to a new line of moisturizing jeans. plus, julie bowen, leann rimes, music from chris wallace. we'll be right back. hey! hey honey! hey alan. uh, hey.... i'm bob, we talked at the tax store. i did your taxes. i thought you were a tax expert? today, i'm a master plumber. major tax stores advertise for preparers with "no tax experience necessary." at turbotax, you only get answers from cpas, eas or tax attorneys - all real tax experts. ...than h&r block stores and all other major tax stores combined. new listerine ultraclean keeps it feeling dentist-clean every day. it's more than a mouthwash. it's the only one with a new tartar control formula for a dentist-clean feeling. ahhhhhhhh. [ male announcer ] new listerine® ultraclean™. power to your mouth™. [ male announcer ] new listerine® ultraclean™. they say opposites attract. but does that work for a car? ask scott makowski. he and his team set out to combine power and fuel efficiency. people said it wouldn't work out. people were wrong. here's proof. an ecoboost engine in the new ford escape with up to a best-in-class 33 mpg
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am PST
could be a brand-new revolution in jeans. wrangler's newest line is called spa denim. >> what? >> they're moisturizing jeans. >> no. >> yeah. turns out denim can be dehydrating. so, this new line -- it can be. it can be. it chafes your skin. it can be dehydrating. this new line of wrangler jeans has a silky-smooth effect for your skin that lasts up to 15 days. the moisture in your jeans can also be refreshed with a spray. and you can choose between aloe, olive extract or smooth legs -- >> wait. >> sam? >> we're supposed to believe that you get these jeans, right? and they have the moisture in the jeans. and after laundering them, you take your jeans out, you flip them inside-out, and you spray-coat them with the moisture. >> only after 15 days. >> that's better than using lotion? >> i think this is a supplement. will you call wrangler? >> i'm just asking. >> or just drink a glass of water. >> all questions directed towards wrangler. the jeans are $140. so, perhaps, sam, your idea is better. >> i don't know. i'm just asking. >> just moisturize before you put them on. but they are gettin
Jan 17, 2013 10:00pm PST
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